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X total posts awaiting review displaying incorrect number? [duplicate]

The brown button on the top says I have 4 total posts awaiting review, yet when I click on it, I get the screen above, showing I have 0 tasks to review. I don't get what that number is supposed to ...
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Review flag count is still wrong [duplicate]

In "Flagged question count is wrong" the bug that left review flags visible in the top-bar counter was supposedly fixed, but it's never actually been fixed for me. This is what I'm looking at today: ...
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Review number is constantly "1" [duplicate]

First of all, my apologies if it looks like a duple of Notification for reviews shows way too many, but since this question dates from more than 2 years, I thought it could be worth mentioning here. ...
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Why is the number next to the review panel link incorrect? [duplicate]

Hi I'd like to know why the number next to the review link on top of the website page always indicate the number of available suggested edits and not the number of all the review tasks available. I ...
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How do I refresh the review queue to clear non-existent reviews? [duplicate]

I'm a moderator at Robotics, and I have a persistent indicator for questions in my review queue, despite the fact that there aren't any. I can open an incognito tab and log in, I can open in ...
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Review notification appears when the queue is empty [duplicate]

I was on the PPCG meta site, and suddenly the "3 notifications" appeared. I went there, and the queues are all empty. Refreshing and revisiting the page did nothing. Is this perhaps showing me ...
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I can see notifications about my own suggested edits waiting review, but I don't see them in review queue [duplicate]

I'm editing some tags on Anime&Manga and whenever I do that, the review notification appears with the number of my edits currently waiting to be reviewed. Why show them to me if I can't do ...
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Bring back review numbers to the top bar

Though I never quite understood what those numbers were and they were quite ugly, they were the only reason I ever visited the reviews page. Can we have similar functionality back on the top bar ...
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How does the review-needed indicator work exactly?

With the rollout of the new top bar, you’ve probably noticed the new review indicator: or It’s possible there will be a different review icon by the time you read this. But this post is just about ...
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Notify users of possible reviews on toolbar [duplicate]

I am under the impression that increased participation in the review queue is, on the whole a good thing. It encourages people to feel an ownership in the community and partially responsible for the ...
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Review Count - Fix It or Lose It

Another meta question identified a bug that was marked as designed. To summarize the bug, the little number that appears next the Review link in the header shows an incorrect value most of the time. ...
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Let moderators navigate the review queues at will

This post is an expansion of this comment For many graduated sites (eg Physics), moderators do not want to apply the unilateral close vote in all cases--it is better to let some community votes pile ...
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What does the number next to the review link in the top bar actually mean?

What is the actual source of the number displayed next to the review link in the top bar? I found Notification for reviews shows way too many (via Review flag count is still wrong and similar) but, ...
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Does the review queue page show only reviews requiring your action? Does it differ, and when does it?

This confusion came up in comments on another Meta question. On the site I use most actively (RPG.SE), I've noticed that the counts for each review queue appear to only indicate the reviews available ...
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Modulate the review notification's color to reflect changes, or make it dismissible

Following another feature request that was completed yesterday (Notify users of possible reviews on toolbar), users of several sites have noticed a persistent notification in the top bar for flags ...
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