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Allow moderators to add local guidance to the "how to ask a good question" page in the help center [duplicate]

The help center includes some good advice on how to ask a good question. This is good baseline advice for all sites, and this page is the same across the network. Some sites have developed ...
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The NEW new "Be Nice" Policy ("Code of Conduct") — Updated with your feedback [duplicate]

Update: Thanks for all the additional feedback below. We incorporated a lot of your suggestions, and this is going live (as We're also looking at ways ...
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Proposed new code of conduct for all Stack Exchange sites

UPDATE: We've incorporated lots of the feedback below into what we think is a much better version than the one we proposed originally. Thanks a ton for all the input, and let us know if you like the ...
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Introducing a brand new, consolidated, Help Center

UPDATE: This is now live on all Stack Exchange sites. You can access it at /help or by clicking the "help" link in the top nav or footer of any page. We can all agree that Stack Exchange is a ...
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Ways to give users some specific education about question quality and topicality

Important: This question is being asked here, and not on the Programmers Meta, because I believe that several SE sites suffer from this same, specific problem. On Programmers, I see a pattern ...
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Which sites have customized their help center homepage?

I have some ideas for the homepage of the Web Applications SE Help Center; before I start writing the draft I would like to learn from the experiences of other sites. I remember have seeing posts here ...
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Make network-wide FAQ posts available on per-site metas

There are now a lot of SE 2.0 sites, and many users on those sites might not even know about Stack Overflow or Meta.SO. If they have a question about the site, they ask it on their per-site meta, ...
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Can we mark some more Help Center articles as moderator-editable?

The Help Center is lying about site's scopes. According to this answer, the /help/on-topic page is the only Help Center article that can be edited on a per-site basis without going through employees. ...
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Can the "How do I write a good answer?" faq page be mod-editable and more visible?

The "How do I write a good answer?" help center page in theory should be something that every new and many established community member would find helpful. Who doesn't need advice on how to write a ...
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Is there a way to be notified of new or edited help articles in order to help to translate them?

Yesterday gbianchi posted on Meta Stack Overflow en Español a post about how could we help translating a help article that looks to be new. The related help article was announced on an answer posted ...
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