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Why is "Update: an agreement with Monica Cellio" not on showing on top questions? [duplicate]

Ok clearly it is because it is getting so many down votes. But can something be done so that is stays visible? Had I not noticed it when I did, I might have missed it. Update: an agreement with ...
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Why is Stack Overflow trying to start audio?

I often have my browser's devtools open since I'm often debugging a snippet. I noticed this message often recently: Why is Stack Overflow trying to start audio? Update. I see it's from an ad(?). ...
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Stack Overflow is not trying to start audio

After a thorough investigation and inquiry, we were able to get an update on this. The ads in question were not intending to start audio but were rather checking to see if there was an audio player ...
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Upcoming initiatives on Stack Overflow and across the Stack Exchange network

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a heads-up that we’d be sharing updates on community product initiatives that we’re planning on focusing on over the upcoming months. Des, our Director of Product, shared ...
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What criteria are used to select the links that appear in the community bulletin sidebar block?

On Drupal Answers, there are two posts from the meta site shown on the Community Bulletin is, at moment I am writing this question. Previously, there was just a single meta post linked from that block,...
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Are users being suspended for being on strike?

Does Stack Exchange suspend users solely for striking or supporting the strike? Of course, users who are on strike could still be suspended for unrelated activities, or for promoting the strike in ...
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Show MSE posts authored by staff members on the homepage regardless of the vote count

I strongly suggest to always allow showing posts created by SO Staff members on the frontpage of Meta SE. Currently, if the post reaches "−8" vote count, it is hidden from the frontpage. ...
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How to petition to have a Stack Exchange Site closed [closed]

There are some communities that are completely bogus. For example, the "interpersonal skills" community will only allow questions that pertain to light hearted subjects and are easy to answer ...
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Stop bumping questions that nobody cares about

This is a follow-up of What is the point to show to anonymous users posts bumped by Community user? How to prevent that bad questions be bumped in low participation sites? Bumps by Community-User are ...
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Each close vote should punish the caster by taking away some of his reputation [duplicate]

Oftentimes I post a question on some Stack Exchange and what happens is that 21 people think the question is helpful and informative and 3 people think it should be closed. This is extremely unfair ...
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Don't let users enter a sixth tag in the first place

Yes, in the fine print it says "Add up to 5 tags". Then don't let users enter a sixth tag. Currently it is like Cheech & Chong, "Don't take those. I already took them.". Once ...
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Give me a blank Comment box when I am editing my post, below the "edit summary" field

When editing my question or answer, I want a blank "comment box" under the "edit summary" box. The edit summary field is documented by answer to explain "...
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Why have you hidden the "Data Explorer" tool?

Why is Data Explorer tool accessed only by clicking the word "Data" at the bottom of the page? Correct it. Change the word "Data" to "Data Explorer". Bring the word &...
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Use of strong words, modifiers, and hyperbole in per-site meta post titles disputing something

This is a follow-up of How should mods of per-site-meta with low / slow participation handle posts that if posted here will be negatively received?. The answer to that question said "there is a ...
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Update "Last seen" as the user requests something

I have noticed that users do some activity somewhere and their last seen is not updated according to it. For example, they comment on a question a minute ago but their last seen will be like ~15 mins ...
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