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Stack Exchange Format for Corporate Networks [duplicate]

I think the Stack Exchange format is great and would like to suggest to my employer that they implement an internal SE for collaboration on our processes. Obviously the network would need to be ...
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Will SO (eventually) invalidate some copyrights and patents? [closed]

This is an open-discussion and forward-looking question. It is not designed to incite trolling :) There are a number of questions here that detail the licensing of and ownership of code posted on SO. ...
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Any chance of some awareness raising on behalf of Python's trademark issues? [closed]

Related Any chance of Stack Exchange blacking out Jan 18, along with Reddit and Wikipedia in opposition of SOPA/PIPA? Van Lindberg, chairman of the Python Software Foundation, posted a "call to ...
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Is "Q&A System" an official product of the SE network? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Report high-Google-ranking SE content copiers here Yesterday, I stumbled upon an answer I gave on ITSec.SE, but on a completely different website:
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Is "flair" a Stack Exchange trademark?

I'm not very good with subtlety and this doesn't appear to be in the context of a joke. On my flair page it has the following: It's a piece of valuable flairtm you can place on any website to show ...
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Web Scraping, Intellectual Property and the Ethics of Answering

Twice today I have come across questions requesting assistance scraping data from copyrighted web pages. Both questions listed the site in question which, after a quick visit, shows the site content ...
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Is typo-squatter "" (no "n") violating Jeff & Joel's intellectual property?

The typo-squatter running "" (note: no "n") puts the name "StackExchange" (WITH the "n") in a couple prominent places on their website. Are they violating Jeff and Joel's copyright/...
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Is SO the place to ask about developing a particular algorithm? If so, will the asker retain all rights?

I've been working on a new encryption for about 5 years now with a friend of mine. We're nearing completion, but we've discovered something brand new about LFSR loops (Wikipedia) that we believe has ...
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New "Hidden Features" questions: Coincidence, Copycat or Sock Puppet?

See the following two questions: Hidden features of classic asp Hidden features of x86 assembly Truthfully, I'm not here to make accusations, the title was just a cheap reader hook. Still, I'd like ...
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Who owns the intellectual property of answers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who owns the copyright to S[OFU] content? Questions often ask for solutions to difficult problems. Since many users are resourceful and creative, I wouldn't be surprised to ...
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Questions with proprietary or confidential information [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What should I do if a user posts sensitive information as part of a question or answer? Every once in a while, when I am posting code to either ask or answer a question, I ...
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