An old issue regarding the "About" section of the profile: Separate keys for the "About" string in the Transifex is happening again.

This time, it's in the new user profile layout:

About (tag)

For those unfamiliar, single words with multiple connotations or usages in English sometimes translate into multiple distinct words or phrases in other languages.

In this case, the string "About" on the user profile page currently uses the same translated string as the "About" used at the top of tag wiki pages. Since the translation of these two usages are distinct in Russian, they need to have separate translation entries: one for the tag case, and a new one for the user profile case.

Currently there are 3 source strings available:

  • About (Tag)
    • Used on tag wiki pages
  • About (Company)
    • Used in the site footer under "Company"
  • About (Default?)
    • Possibly the original "About" from before the separation of the term into multiple strings
    • This could potentially be used for the profile page, but it’s a poor solution in my view

While this is the only instance of this bug currently, it's important to note that all usages of "About" across the site need their own translation entries, paired with their own respective context information, to prevent this from occurring again and again in the future.


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