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"Looks Good" for answers in low quality posts review queue is confusing [duplicate]

From the guidelines on reviewing low quality posts I've taken this advice: You should accept a post (Looks good) ... • [ANS] Note that answers that are clear and address the question at least a ...
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Reviewing low quality posts: when to delete [duplicate]

When reviewing low-quality posts, the help text explains: Looks Good if nothing is wrong with this answer Edit if you can fix all the problems with this answer Recommend Deletion to ...
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Improve help text for the low-quality-posts queue

I was recently very surprised about the expected workflow for low-quality posts when stumbling across the Meta Post Am I reviewing correctly?. It would be nice if the guidelines, as discussed in ...
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Unify “not an answer” and “very low quality” in a single “delete” flag

The “not an answer” flag on answers is meant to be used when This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question. It should possibly be an edit, a comment, another question,...
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Ethics of reviews against one's own posts

I was given an ethical quandary the other day regarding a review. I wonder if the SE network can or should put in a filter to prevent something like this happening. I believe the circumstances can ...
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Are bad answers necessarily low quality posts?

When reviewing answers in the "low quality post" section, I sometimes come across posts that are actually answers, but that are -- in my opinion -- bad or wrong answers. Stack Overflow deals with bad ...
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Can we have more options for low-quality reviews?

This post is motivated in part by a post I made on a site's meta, Why is this clearly wrong answer "Looks OK"? When an answer is wrong, and the consensus is not to delete because it is an ...
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Low quality review records say "Looks Good" instead of "Looks OK"

Button in LQ queue has been recently renamed from Looks Good to Looks OK. But review records still say "Looks Good", as in this example: It would be nice to have a consistent wording, "Looks OK" ...
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It still "Looks Good" in Network Profile

The review option in the Very Low Quality review queue has been changed to "Looks OK" from "Looks Good" a few years ago. If we select "Looks OK" in the review queue, it ...
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Change wording of "Looks OK" on Low Quality Post review option

The "Looks OK" option on Low Quality Post reviews is not ideally worded. Due to the fact the post has been reported for Low Quality means in most cases "something" is wrong with it. Even if ...
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Reorganise the LQ, FP and LA queues to have one queue about improving and guiding and one about deciding deletion

TL;DR: Split the low-quality queue in two, separating posts with possible quality issues (autoflagged posts) and posts that may need to be deleted (NAA, gibberish), as having both of them together ...
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Clarify meaning of “Looks OK” in the Low Quality Answers queue

In the Low Quality Answers queue “Looks OK” option has a description It is an honest attempt at answering the question and is not low quality. In most of cases when a reviewer wants to click “Looks ...
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Should we encourage deleting answers that are earnest attempts at an explanation but that are technically incorrect (in the low quality queue)?

tl;dr: I don't want to delete such answers (I want to downvote them) but I also can't press the "nothing is wrong" button with a clear conscience if I know the answer is literally wrong. From Review ...
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