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Does a downvoter receive a notification on a post edit? [duplicate]

Is a notification sent to someone who downvoted a question when that question has been updated? Initially, my question got a downvote because it was lacking sufficient information/code/explanation/...
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Subscribe downvoters to posts they downvoted [duplicate]

It's really frustrating when you post a new question, and a person down votes it and then they close the tab. The OP can add a comment such as "Why down vote?", the post would still be down voted even ...
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Encourage users to retract their downvote [duplicate]

Most downvoters quickly express their opinion, navigate away, and never come back. That's an issue because even though a poor answer or question has been edited for the better, downvotes are rarely ...
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Make option to be notified about edit on post I downvoted [duplicate]

When one downvotes a question, he usually does so because it is low quality, but still considerable for the site (when it's not considerable, downvote should be avoided and question closed). It would ...
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Upvoting and Downvoting notifications? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Allow an edit to notify downvoters: “I think I've fixed the issue now - please check” I have a small issue with down-voting and up-voting. User X posts a ...
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Find (down-) votes that are contested by others [duplicate]

EDIT: Accepting the duplicate based on answers to that question being similar to my suggestion. Sometimes after downvoting a post, somebody improves the post. Hence the reason for the downvote may ...
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Can we get a ping when a downvoted Q/A was subsequently edited? [duplicate]

I'm one of these people who tends to leave a comment when I downvote and every now and then, the OP edits their post and pings me back they did and then I remove my downvote most of the time and even ...
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Notification on edit of down voted post [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Allow an edit to notify downvoters: “I think I've fixed the issue now - please check” Could we have a notification to the user who down voted a post if that ...
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Alert on edit after a downvote [duplicate]

I wonder if it would be possible to extend the current notification system. Namely, if I downvote a question and that thing had an edit, I'd be happy to see that in my inbox. As possibly the cause ...
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Notification for downvoted posts when the post is updated? [duplicate]

We are supposed to downvote a poor quality posts but most of the times the OP takes in the suggestions and edits their post. Shouldn't the people who downvoted be notified when the post gets edited ...
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The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network

We are happy to announce that the previously announced follow question and answer feature is now live across the Network, including Stack Overflow, all Stack Exchange sites, and all Meta sites. (...
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Make comment flags less stupid

Update: declining this in favor of Drop "not constructive", combine "noisy", reword "rude" and "other" comment flags I'm sick of comment flags, and I'm pretty ...
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We need to be a little less hostile

I've noticed a distressing tendency for questions that seem basic or overly short to be immediately closed and downvoted into oblivion. Case in point: How can I tell if a DOM object is out of the ...
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Make recent activity and responses show new comments on questions/answers I have commented on (even if I don't own them)

I'd like the recent activity and responses pages to show new comments on questions/answers I have commented on (even if I don't own them). If I leave a comment somewhere, I am implicitly engaging in ...
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@Downvoter sends a notification to all downvoters for your post

Similar to the new @user feature, I am interested in a feature wherein if I preface a comment to one of my own posts with "@Downvoters", a notification would be sent to all users that ...
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