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Yahoo! Answers is shutting down. Should we be worried? [closed]

A similar site to Stack Exchange, Yahoo!Answers, is shutting down, effective next month. I can't say I'm sad to see them go (most questions were bad and answers were worse), but it does worry me. ...
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badges from sister sites rendered with badge graphic from currently visited site [duplicate]

So, I was on and noticed I got a badge from MV.SE, but for some hilarious reason, it rendered as the logo for the rebel alliance. I checked other sites, and sure enough badges in your ...
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Why treat existing users from the StackOverflow ecosystem as brand new when they log into sister sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should SO rep be considered in SU and SF? I have been a member of for a while now. Just today, I posted something on and got the old, you can't ...
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Can we allow Area 51 sites to have sister sites (strong relationships with other Area 51 sites)?

So far Area 51 has turned out better than my wildest dreams. But there's one big issue I see. Currently, every single Stack Exchange site is pretty much on its own; they can expect very little ...
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Is an official site of yours? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is this a Stack Exchange website? I recently stumbled upon Draw 3 Cards, and would like to know if it's one of your sites. If it is, why isn't in the site register? If it isn'...
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Switching which site is primary for a user

My "primary" site is English.SE: that's what's listed as the "parent user" of, for example. Is there a way to change that, so my ...
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2 answers

Better promotion of new sites

I think the English Stack Exchange site is "the greatest thing since sliced bread", however I only got to know it by luck (I think I was looking for a link to Superuser or Meta Stack Exchange). So I ...
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New sites for mobile OS [duplicate]

Is it possible to create a site for Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Ovi, like Android has ( and a general site for mobiles?
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Is part of the SO community?

Their site looks like a copy of SO, but when I signed up for an account, there's no way to associate my SO ID with their site.
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Is ControlsOverload site a sister site of SO/SU/Meta etc?

Is the site Controlsoverload part of the StackOverflow / SuperUser / Meta / etc group? It looks the same, and has a link to stackexchange at the bottom. It also says it is in Beta, but I don't see it ...
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Is there a site like Bio-Informatics overflow? [closed]

I don't know whether this question fits here. Question - Is there a sister site of stackoverflow in the realm of Bio-Informatics? Some thing like mathoverflow and semanticoverflow which already exist....
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2 answers

What do you think about new website for Network questions?

I was posting question on serverfault, and I immediately thought about computer networking questions. Is it good idea to add one more website into league of justice?
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3 answers

What sister sites should be added to the family of Stack Overflow sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Can you add a math related site to the “Trilogy”? * I can think of a couple: "Math Overflow" - math is generally not subjective and questions ...
7 votes
5 answers

Better continuity between sites

This is sort of a two-part question. I'd be surprised if this hasn't been asked in some form already, but according to the faq, that's "OK and deliberately allowed." On StackOverflow proper, I have ...
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Automatically create accounts in all sister sites

I've seen a number of cases when questions have been migrated from one site to another (SO-->SF, SO-->SU etc). If the original asker doesn't have an account on the site to which the question has ...
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