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Show off your hats! (2022 edition)

Winter / Summer Bash 2022 just started today, and within the first hour, nearly a million hats have been awarded across the network. Let's show them off here! As with the 2021 edition, I'll copy the ...
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Show off your hats! (2018 edition)

Since 241,378 hats have already been earned by the time I'm writing this, and I think I found the perfect hat for my avatar already, why don't we start showing them off like last year? Post hats, ...
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Show off your hats! (2019 edition)

We obtained 266K hats this past year's WB 2019 contest, and just like the past two Winter Bashes (2017 and 2018) we showed off our new hats. We choose our finest hats, used the positioning controls ...
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What's the best of Stack?

Continuing with my series of questions to you - I've got one that's a bit lighter this week. We spent last week firing up our magic wand and changing things. This time, let's celebrate what exists. I ...
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Winter Bash 2020 hat list 👒 🎩

Winter Bash 2020 has started and the hats (and masks) are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be ...
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Reviewing the Stack Exchange Policy on Low-quality Contribution [closed]

Need A Discussion discussion To clarify the subject, let me start this post with a real example. I, as a novice user, posted several posts which were deleted naturally or unnaturally. Since some ...
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I am wearing a hat on Stack Overflow, but when I update the page it does not appear immediately

I have a mask for my avatar on the Stack Overflow website. However, when I go through Stack Overflow back and forth, for example, go home from the Questions tab, my mask does not appear on my avatar ...
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You're holding the balalaika wrong!

"Hats off!" to the noble balalaika. But why are we forced to hold our Balalaikas like drooping flowers? Must they hang their heads in shame? Nay! Their heads must be held high! Like this: (...
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Is it possible to earn the Wa-Boushi hat for an answer on a meta site?

I am just wondering if it's possible to earn the Wa-Boushi hat on Meta Stack Overflow. I have this answer, it has 36 upvotes (lol hoping for more), but I am wondering if/when I get 40 upvotes, will I ...
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Winter Bash hats are shown behind the profile photo

The avatar is hiding the Winter Bash hats when placing the hat, during its control (changing its location, size, etc.). In past it always shown in front of the avatar. Is there any way figure out this ...
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