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The addiction tag is used when you are worried about your *"friends"* addiction to Stack Exchange sites.

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StackOverflow helps regulating the addicted users. Really?

There's an simplified Chinese article at June 4 this year (not April 1 !) said : StackOverflow会对上瘾的人关闭特定功能,以限制他们的使用 which means StackOverflow regulates addicted users by restricting their actions ...
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Time Management Between the day-job and StackOverFlow - Serious Issue ! [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: How do you escape an addiction to stackoverflow (or other IT sites)? You know you've been browsing Stack Overflow too much when? guys, I am not a hardcore ...
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What is the expected time to get over SO addiction?

I joined Stack Overflow slightly more than a month back. I have become very addicted to it (it is more useful than most social network addictions, I agree). But I know I must reduce my visits to SO. ...
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Can the fastest gun in the west phenomenon encourage addiction-prone behaviour?

I tend to do the majority of my answering of questions at one time of the day - soon after I get to work. I have a suspicion that if instead, I continuously checked Stack Overflow for new questions ...
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"Ban myself" button in user profiles

The purpose is to help the addicted user stick to a decision to concentrate on a different, short-term real-life problems s/he urgently has to deal with. I've seen this feature on some high-activity ...
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How has SOFU ruined/changed your life?

How has SOFU changed/ruined your life? For me, in one simple way - I want to vote on EVERYTHING. I read comments on a blog, and I want to say "Yup, I agree" or "Wrong!". If I were to ever design/...
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Are you ever tempted just chuck the whole thing and scatter your reputation points to the wind? [closed]

I'm sitting here at my desk sucking up my entire lunch break, thinking this Stack Overflow thing is taking up way too much of my free time. It's like the Hotel California - "you can check out any ...
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Should I work really hard to get back on the first page of users on Stack Overflow, or try to get a life?

I have finally fallen off of the first page of Stack Overflow users, and I am faced with a dilemma: Should I work really hard to get back on the first page of users on Stack Overflow, or try to get a ...
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Would you play a Stack Overflow board game? [closed]

I've just been alerted to a company which produces board games - you design the game, artwork 'n all, and upload the assets to them. They produce the game and sell it in their store, taking half the ...
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How can I keep from getting addicted to Stack Overflow?

The downside... It seems like the type of question that would be a duplicate - but I don't see any, so I'll ask anyway. I'm finding it difficult to not visit Stack Overflow for any significant amount ...
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