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A situation where two or more users keep rolling back each other's revisions and can't decide which one to keep.

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The link in the "possible rollback war" flag should be to the revision history, not the post

Currently when the system raises the "possible rollback war" flag it links to the post. This means that when we investigate we have to click through to the post, then click to view the revision ...
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Who has the final authority in an edit war? OP or a moderator?

I joined a site in private beta and posted an answer citing one source. One user made some edits which I did not agree with, so, I rolled back the changes. Some of the proposed changes were ...
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Does the OP have the right to undo edits?

I just saw the following comment: As the original author, you always have first dibs at undoing any edits. Glad you approve though :-) – SomeMod♦ Is this right? This suggests that the OP is ...
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How to stop someone from constantly trying to reapply a "bad" edit?

There is this guy trying repeatedly to edit my post (OK, three times, so far). I disagree with the edit and do a rollback each time (which I think/hope is my privilege as the author). Is there any ...
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The "possible rollback war" flag isn't being triggered by community wiki posts

So I just locked this answer after two people flagged it due to unusual edit activity. Turns out, there were over 700 rollbacks on that answer over the last two days. Usually, the system ...
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Treat rollbacks from the same user as single edits

When a single user makes multiple edits to a single post within a 5 minute period these get merged into one single edit in the revision history to avoid excessive verbosity. When handling rollbacks ...
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When one does a rollback, please make it more obvious how to include a comment [duplicate]

Edit history "rollback" links don't allow you to leave a comment. There are ways to leave a comment while reverting a post, but they're not obvious. Please make it more obvious how to ...
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What to do when the asker disagrees with your retagging of his question?

I am referring to this question. The OP's problem has absolutely nothing to do with C or C++ whatsoever, and is purely down to the operating system he is using. However, after I explained this, the ...
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What triggers the "possible rollback war" flag? [duplicate]

Just saw this one for the first time: 1 × rollback war (for this question's revisions) Its obvious what this flag means (multiple rollbacks have occurred, possibly by different users), but what ...
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Put an end to rollback wars

If a question receives n (say, 5) rollbacks within a hour, raise a moderator flag and lock the post. Alternatively, if an edit by a new user (say, no edit approving privs) drops the post quality ...
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User wildly erasing all his posts continuously even after we rollback [closed]

This (now deleted) user clearly wants his account deleted and everything he ever posted to vanish off of SO. He's non-stop erasing the contents of his questions, even after we rollback. It's getting ...
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Should I fight for "my" question?

The Blog said "It is OK to edit a question to make it more general." and so I did here Facebook-style multiple image upload However when I did that the ... OP has just roll-backed the changes to ...
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Automatically lock posts heavily edited within a time frame

I liked this suggestion so much — and think it makes a poor 20k ability (sorry Andy) — that I'm suggesting it directly: Temporarily lock questions from being edited, to prevent ridiculous edit wars ...
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How to avoid Edit-Wars?

In the last time I've been doing cleanup and my 'normal' retagging and editing on SO and SU, but sometimes I run into someone who's rolling back my changes. For example this question on SU, I removed ...
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Lamest SO/SF/SU edit wars [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Who moderates the moderators? The discussion in Jeff's The Great Edit Wars suggests SO has seen some edit/rollback-warring, and Jeff mentioned Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars list. I'...
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29 votes
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Stop Edit/Rollback Wars: Limit Number Of Edits/Rollbacks Per User Per Post Per Day

I came up with an idea for how to begin putting an end to the edit/rollback wars and then the ensuing comments battle... What if you are only allowed to edit a post (not the author) once a day. What ...
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Rollbacks should trigger CAPTCHA

From this UserVoice suggestion: When a user edits a tag, or edits a question, the CAPTCHA is invoked after multiple short timeframe edits. However, if a user simply hits 'rollback', he can rollback as ...
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