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For questions about the (now defunct) Specialist badge.

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Set Some conditions to answer my question

Suppose I wish to allow only users who have scored at least 15 in the particular tag to answer my question, Is it possible to set a condition like this while asking a question? So that I can avoid ...
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How to get the tag leaders and tag bronze badges

I noticed that SO have the tag leaders and tag bronze badges, But I can't find them in All Badges page. Why? and how to get the tag leaders and tag bronze badges?
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Answer turned to CW, votes pre-CW era doesn't count in tag specific stat

My understanding is that if an answer becomes CW (one way or another), original author gets to keep the votes pre-CW. Does this also keep the pre-CW vote count for the tag-specific stat? It doesn't ...
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Does a bounty reduce reputation counting towards a tag-based badge?

Does offering a bounty have any negative effect on reputation that's counting towards a tag-based badge?
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Why do some users earn the specialist badge with less than 400 votes?

The specialist silver badge should be awarded by having 400+ upvotes in a tag. Some users already have this badge with less than 250 votes in this tag? Does the number of accepted answers or anything ...
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Request a specific expert on a subject to answer your question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Routing a Question to a Particular SO Member or Members How to ask a question to a particular user of There come times where you have an advanced ...
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Make all votes on answers that earn reputation count towards tag stats & specialist badge total

I had an answer with 8 votes that I'm very pleased with, and cleaned it up a bit today. (Basically, I removed the conversational nature it took due to comments plus a bit of formatting and grammar ...
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Why have I not received the specialist badge?

I now have > 400 upvotes within jQuery tagged questions (see below images) but have not received the badge as yet. I passed the 400 mark a good few hours ago. Can anybody shed any light on this?
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Should the specialist badge be awarded for n accepted answers?

In order to get a specialist badge, one must accumulate at least 400 upvotes for a single tag. Jeff set the bar extremely high because answers to questions tagged subjective tend to get upvoted a lot,...
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