Chrome has now removed the prefixed navigator.webkitNotifications API and as a result desktop notifications no longer work. I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but it certainly doesn't work in the latest Chrome stable ( experimental evidence indicates this change was made between v34 and 35).

The unprefixed window.Notification API is now active in Chrome >=22, and converting to this would also allow it to work in Firefox >=22 and Safari 6 on OSX >=10.8.

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I genuinely do rate this a noticeable reduction in the general usefulness of chat, I use desktop notifications when I am at work and I would very much like them back.

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Desktop notifications are back now. They'll only work in Chrome >= 32 according to MDN (support was incomplete before that), but current stable is 37, so that shouldn't be an issue. It also works in Firefox.

Those are the two browsers I've tested; it's presumably also going to work in the next Opera version (25), and, as you said, it should also work in Safari 6+.


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