This screenshot: enter image description here

shows that there are 1871 pages when you click the 1870th page, which has exactly 50 items in it, but the 1871st is empty. Why is there a 1871st page if it isn't needed?


This behavior is only present sometimes. It took a minute to reproduce this more than three times, because of the number of items coming in and out of the list.

  • It probably generates a new page if the last page is full, without checking to see if any would actually be added to that new page. – Sonic the Masked Werehog Sep 12 at 19:03
  • 1
    Combination of queries done as the state changes & caching. Like most concurrent system specified and/or implemented behaviour. – philipxy Sep 12 at 19:03
  • 3
    Same bug as this one - it happens only when the last page has the page size amount of items, in your case 50. Now since two more questions were asked after yours, the bug doesn't "happen", but it's not caching - when there will be 50 exactly in the last page, a "zombie page" will appear and be empty when clicked. – Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask Sep 12 at 20:47
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    Maybe there were two questions on the 1871st page but then the system deleted two questions leaving a blank page. – Mari-Lou A Sep 14 at 15:42
  • @Mari-LouA even so, it shouldn't leave a "zombie" empty page. – Ollie Sep 14 at 19:29

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