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My account has been temporarily suspended; what does that mean?

My account has been temporarily suspended, besides the following restrictions: an account will be locked at 1 reputation the user page will have a visual indication that the account is in timed ...
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Can the chat interface also offer us the user's profile from the chat room's site?

When I click on a user's name or gravatar in the chat interface, I get a popup with a number of options. The top two are always: user profile user profile on (<chat user's parent site>) ...
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How come the Meta chat rooms are separate? [duplicate]

Like completely cut-off from the rest of the chat rooms (on the Stack Exchange network). The favorites are separate, and the current rooms are separate, (even the search) - all of it; it's all ...
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Why chat profile in some rooms does not have a parent SE profile?

When in SO rooms, everything seems to be normal. But when in DBA.stackexchange rooms, like The-Heap, (@Ben Brocka noticed that) my chat profile does not seem to have a parent SE profile and shows not ...
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Permanently kicked myself out of chat room by changing chat parent user

So, in screwing around with the settings for chat (as a result of the activity in the mod chat room today), I changed my parent user, a diamond moderator on Academia.SE, to my SO profile, which does ...
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What do the SE site symbols in chat (on user profiles) mean?

In chat (if relevant, I first saw this on "the h Bar" from Physics SE, though it shows in other rooms as well), there is a list of active users and those who have been in the chat room ...
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What should happen to a chat account after the parent account was deleted?

We have a few cases of chat accounts remaining without valid parent account: here and there for example. What should mods do when that happens: delete the chat account notify the SE team so they can ...
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Let's have better idea on how to get rid of the point of parent user in chat

Note that I'm talking about our main chat server i.e chat.SE The parent user in chat profile serves two important purposes today: Base for being able to talk in chat We know that when a user get 20 ...
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When I type "" into my browser, why do I get a Blender-specific window?

This is the second time this has happened to me. When I type into a new Chrome incognito tab, I get a selection of chat rooms specific to Blender SE. I haven't visited there ...
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Show the avatar of related site of a chat-room instead of parent site of a user

Currently, in the chat-rooms the avatar is shown from the parent site that a user selected in the chat profile. So, throughout SE network in (any) chat-room (talking about main chat server i.e not MSE ...
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Link to generic profile from chat.stackexchange

The chat system has profiles per user. In my current chat user profile, a user has the option to select which site to use as the parent user, right now I link to my profile on serverfault, but I ...
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Issues with management of chat account profiles and chat parents

I'm poking around doing some moderator-y stuff and I'm hitting a dead end because one of the chat users I'm trying to investigate have a deleted account as their chat parent. Because of this, I can't ...
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Wearing a wrong hat in Winter Bash 2021 chatroom

I'm wearing a wrong hat in Winter Bash 2021 chatroom. Currently on Meta Stack Exchange I am wearing the Dialogue hat. Where as in Winter Bash 2021 chatroom I'm wearing the Kitsune hat.
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