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Cannot edit title of the question if the body is defective [duplicate]

I tried editing the title of nginx rewite for new links structure, but was precluded by doing so. The following was the error message: × Body cannot contain "". Please ...
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Bad URL check performed on edit, but not on initial question submission? [duplicate]

I am not sure if this is a bug or a design error, but I came across this issue on SE Information Security. I assume that the same code is employed across the various SE sites, so I am posting my ...
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Why are certain example URLs like and blocked from post content?

Why is and blocked from the post content on the main site? I tried to make a sample URL and I had to use instead.
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Remove nofollow on links deemed reputable

This is a followup to the following meta post: Remove nofollow on links at a certain age We have been in contact with Matt Cutts regarding removing nofollow: ... we’re trying to encourage sites ...
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Should we approve edits that just change "commercial links" to

According to this, is now the "preferred" example domain and should be used over other domains. Those other domains are blacklisted and aren't allowed in new posts. Currently, though, ...
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Shouldn't we be cleaning up these porn links?

There are currently 1,140 references to a porn site on Stack Overflow. I'm planning on going on an edit spree to change them to something more appropriate (that is,, net, or .com). I might ...
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Allow adding a specific message / guidance to blacklists

We don't always blacklist problematic tags or terms, but when we do it's because they've become such a nuisance on a site that we can't control them any other way. Vague / meta tags that keep coming ...
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What URL should be used for example websites?

I have a question involving a program which includes links to Before posting my code, I would like to replace these URLs with something more generic. I've seen a few ...
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Should we enforce use of IANA example domains?

There's a lot of sample domains such as, and suchlike used in posts. Many of these addresses actually exist (held by squatters, often enough). I always use, .net, ...
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Why can't I add an example http url in an answer? [duplicate]

I tried to answer someone's question about a URL format with an example: I got an error saying I can't save an answer with http in it. How can I get ...
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