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Moderation Strike: Stack Overflow, Inc. cannot consistently ignore, mistreat, and malign its volunteers

Update On August 2nd, 2023, negotiations between community representatives and representatives of the company concluded with an agreement being reached. The details of the agreement can be found at ...
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June 2023 Data Dump is missing

The data dump usually gets refreshed the first weekend of the month, every 3 months. The current data dump is still from March. Is there just a problem and it's delayed like in the past? Relevant ...
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What's one thing that you wish we remembered?

Twice this week, I heard some permutation on the phrase "if only [they (mods, staff)] knew that we...." In the first case, it was "if only the staff knew how much time we spend on sock ...
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SE is breaking the reputation privilege system

For the new genAI site, SE is planning to dramatically lower certain privileges to 1 reputation. This includes allowing every user with 1 rep to up- and downvote as well as comment everywhere. Here (...
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Does the strike letter oppose AI?

In a discussion which I will not link, because it has already generated far more heat than light, multiple users appear to be claiming that the strike letter stands for a blanket opposition, either to ...
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What is "Ask Patents" and why is it secret?

Looks like our SE overlords are about to launch a new Stack Exchange site - Ask Patents. I've been hinted at its existence by a user who committed to the (now closed) Software Law proposal on Area 51. ...
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What do you feel like is still missing to end the strike?

The negotiations have ended and the Moderation strike: Results of negotiations post has been received overwhelmingly positively (at the time of writing this post +359/-3). That being said, it seems ...
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Is there a list of ChatGPT or other AI-related discussions and policies for our sites?

Lately, the use of ChatGPT on the network has become controversial, with Stack Overflow completely banning using generated text for content and several other sites considering bans. Could we get a ...
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What was it like being a GenAI.SE stakeholder?

For those who don't know, Generative AI Stack Exchange (now in public beta) was an initiative started by Stack Exchange here slightly over one month ago, and involved "stakeholders" (who ...
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Which Stack Exchange sites weren't proposed in Area 51?

Recently I found some sites that are a part of the Stack Exchange network but were not proposed. In other words, I'm talking about sites that are not established through Area51, like Super User. ...
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Some suggestions for reworking Area 51

First some background: In November of 2022, I proposed a site called Programming Language Design and Implementation, which has slowly progressed through the Area 51 process, and is now set to enter ...
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GenAI (previously Prompt Design) site stakeholder group updates

This question will serve as a place to check for updates on what is going on with the community stakeholder group working on the upcoming GenAI/Prompt Writing site. We will update this weekly to give ...
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What would be the appropriate community to ask questions about prompt engineering? (Like for GPT-3 or Stable Diffusion.)

What would be the appropriate community to ask questions in relation to engineering/ designing/ writing a prompt for deep learning models, such as DALL-E, GPT-3 or StableĀ Diffusion? These prompts, ...
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Is an Area 51 replacement in the works?

In Starting the Prompt Design Site: A New Home in our Stack Exchange Neighborhood, there were two announcements: one of a new SE site (namely GenAI.SE) and one of a new site launch process... We have ...
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Pondering a 'better' model of site creation - can we encourage more generalist sites?

While the most recent round of changes were meant to improve the chances of successful site proposals, I feel it's useful to revisit it. We're past the point of rapid growth in site numbers - and a ...
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