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Why are un-votes and their original vote dates not shown in timeline vote summaries?

I recently encountered an answer that I'd up-voted years ago. But since then, I'd learnt something that allowed me to now see a fundamental problem with it. (The post had been edited in the meantime....
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Allow changing your vote if a new answer is posted?

This isn't Allow changing votes on answers if the question is edited Sometimes I vote on an answer because at the time it is correct (upvote), or they do not explain very well and it looks wrong (...
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How do I get back my upvote for a comment I made though SE Android App? [duplicate]

I made an upvote for a comment that pointed me through the Stack Exchange Android app. Later I thought of getting back my upvote and I tried to do that, but that option (upmark) is not available. ...
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Let hover on vote arrow explain vote lock [duplicate]

Current behavior When you hover over the arrow after you already voted over 5 minutes ago, it explains that you can "click again to undo": However when you click on it, you get the vote lock error: ...
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You don't earn rep on upvotes but lose on unupvotes on CW posts?

I was surprised by this: From "How to delete an item in a list if it exists?". Seems unfair if you don't earn rep for upvotes but lose on downvotes. It is even more unfair in it is an "unupvote". ...
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Is it intended to be possible to change your vote on a question, that YOU have edited? [duplicate]

I read a question, thought it was interesting, voted it up. It needed some editing, so I started fixing all the grammar mistakes, added punctuation, improved sentence structure; I realized that the ...
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Locked votes can be changed by editing a post

This is somewhat related to this question: Self editing undoes vote locks.. sorta But relates more to the senario that when a vote has been locked for a particular post, the user can edit the post (...
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Any way to see which downvote was reversed?

Occasionally I notice I gained 2 reputation for no obvious reason. Presumably someone has just changed their mind about a previous downvote and reversed it, but they didn't leave a comment about it. ...
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Vote locking on questions: why?

I understand (without agreeing with) the vote-locking for answers. But is tactical downvoting a problem for questions? Or is that just a technical accident: all voting uses the same system, so vote ...
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handle 'strategic downvotes' more 'gently' [duplicate]

In this question I asked for a practical reason to lock votes after 5 minutes and Bill the Lizard and Arjan were very nice to explain the mystery. Well, vote locking seems to deal with strategic ...
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Idea behind "Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited" [duplicate]

I've found many questions here regarding this 'feature' and many answers explaining how it works, but none showing any 'philosophical' concept behind it. i.e., why is it here? Is it helping to make ...
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Change a vote after discussion

There's quite a few open issues here about taking back a (down)vote, but I haven't found one which would fit this situation. So: 1) There's the time limit to take back any vote. Makes sense, I guess;...
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"Last voted" date never updates after you change your vote

Once, I voted on an answer. 20 minutes later, the answer was edited, and I realized I erred on my vote. After changing my vote, I realized I erred again, but I knew it was too late. Nevertheless, I ...
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Give me the opportunity to re-consider my vote [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Isn’t the “vote too old to be changed” a little too eager? Scenario: I read the question, skim through the answers... one of them doesn't seem to answer the ...
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Remove a vote-to-close on a question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can we have the ability to rescind a close vote before it closes? How can I remove a close vote (mine) on a question or is it simply not possible? If it's not possible, why ...
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Changing a downvote to an upvote

I down voted a question because it was a poor answer. After this the answer was edited. I click the down vote to remove my down vote, then I go to click upvote to give it an upvote. A small ...
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When a user changes his answer within the 5 minute interval, your time to change a vote is not extended [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why can’t I change my vote if the post has been edited during the initial 5mn grace period ? I had down-voted somebody for a very short, unhelpful answer. After about ...
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Vote change on ANSWER if QUESTION is edited [duplicate]

Similar to this question, but different reasoning: Be able to edit a vote on an answer if the question is changed And I feel like I have to ask a new question so that Jeff will notice. Someone ...
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Changing your mind about changing your vote [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Undoing an old vote cannot be recast because vote is too old If somebody edits their question, you can change your vote. But if you change your mind about changing the vote, ...
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