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Questions tagged [chat-ban]

For questions about suspensions from chat, which can be automatically or manually imposed.

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Why was my account suspended for chat in Meta chats by a moderator?

In short, there was a hot conversation today about politics in the Tavern on the Meta chatroom and a moderator ended up suspending me for chat in Meta chats for six days. I would like to know please ...
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How should a user who writes a chat message that is deemed in violation of the Code of Conduct be disciplined? [duplicate]

If a user writes a chat message that is deemed a violation of the code of conduct, should they receive a chat suspension, an account suspension, or both?
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10 votes
2 answers

Can you appeal accidental chat suspensions?

I recently was accidentally suspended in the Winter Bash chat (about two weeks ago). The reason for the suspension was that another user flagged my comment (I requested deletion as it had a spoiler ...
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Could we get better ways to communicate and apply suspensions on chat?

Chat suspensions are... strange. There's two ways to boot someone off chat - using a suspension on the parent account that's associated with the chat account (And otherwise it's not global) Suspending ...
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Extra "room" word in chat suspension sentence

I found a sentence in traducir during making translations: Link to room chat room where issue occurred (if available) It seems that the first "room" should be eliminated. You can see this ...
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"Move comments to chat" triggers auto and manual flagging and suspension

A recent moderation of moving a comment discussion to chat resulted in a user's comment to be flagged multiple times and the user was hit with a chat auto suspension. No judgement on that users ...
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Chat ban reason still showing "automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content" even when it's not true anymore

When a user is suspended on a main site (say, for 30 days), the chat profile will show such a banner: This user is suspended on the parent site and cannot chat for 29 days. That's good. Now if while ...
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In beta site chat rooms, the account suspension message is nearly unreadable [duplicate]

On the Board and Card games chat site, the account suspension message is very difficult to see. In my browser (Chrome on Linux) it looks like this: For anyone who has trouble seeing it, that says ...
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Under what cases would a user be suspended from chat for 3,200+ years?

Note: this question was originally closed as "too broad" since it originally asked five questions. However, I've edited it down to two very similar questions. Additionally, the standard for "too broad"...
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Why have I been banned from chat?

So I've been banned from chat again. For reporting a problem. And, presumably, for being a thorn in the hide. I sense problems before most do and didn't use offensive language this time. Please look ...
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Add a confirmation dialog before suspending people on chat

At the moment, suspending folks in chat is pretty easy: You press a button, and they can't chat for an hour. The problem is, this button doesn't have any sort of confirmation. It just... goes ahead ...
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Mobile view and desktop view showing different messages when chat banned [duplicate]

When viewing any room now on MSE chat on mobile device (or desktop with mobile theme), I see the following message: Or in text: This room is read-only While this is technically true (it is ...
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User gets banned from chat or suspended and has a bot. What happens to the bot?

Lets say a user uses chat and has a nice bot account. They've legitimately earned rep on that bot and uses it to do practical functions for the room, such as evaluating math expressions. Later, the ...
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Chat suspension message is unreadable in rooms parented to a beta site [duplicate]

I was conducting some experiments on my sockpuppet, which included handing out a chat suspension to... well, myself, on another account. I discovered, however, that the "your account has been ...
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Banned in desktop, "read-only" on mobile? [duplicate]

I have been banned from chat for a week. In that time period, I have found an interesting behaviour of mobile chat. It shows as I am suspended by a moderator and cannot talk in chat for a week on the ...
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31 votes
2 answers

Chat suspension to completely block access to chat features

Currently, chat suspension only blocks access to writing, starring and flagging. However, it does not block access to joining and leaving rooms, or to make (visible) modifications to your chat profile....
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42 votes
1 answer

Can we get some official guidelines for chat suspension lengths?

To call the moderation on Stack Exchange Chat inconsistent would be somewhat of an understatement. A flagged message might be handled by any of the 300+ moderators, the result is highly variable. ...
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Mobile chat "you have been suspended" notification is too ambiguous

Earlier today, I was suspended from chat due to an inappropriate message (I totally deserved it, but that's not the point). I looked at my phone, and this is all that it told me: ...which confused me ...
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Room specific ban in chat? [duplicate]

Sometimes it does not make sense to ban a user from all chatrooms. As we all know, C++, Java & PHP developers 'love' each other very much (yes I know many people can develop in all three languages,...
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Bandwagoning in chat, suspended account [closed]

I recently went into a SO C++ chat and was needlessly suspended. My chat transcript starts from this message. (Note that some messages were flagged and have since been removed.) Upon entering the room,...
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