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A silver tag earned for providing quality answers across many of the popular tags. It requires you to provide non-wiki answers of 15 total score in each of 20 of the top 40 tags.

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Adjusting the requirements for the Generalist badge so that more sites are eligible for it

"Generalist" is a badge awarded to community members for broad knowledge of a site's most commonly-asked-about subjects. It's earned by providing answers that accumulate 15 total score per ...
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Is there an off-by-one error in the Generalist badge?

Role-playing Games Stack Exchange just satisfied the hidden qualifier to award the Generalist badge (a minimum of 200 questions in the top 40 tags), and a few dozen people earned the badge at once. ...
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8 votes
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Clarify the meaning of the Generalist badge

So here's the description of Generalist: Provide non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags Has anyone ever realized just how ambiguous that is? Here are the ways it could be ...
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How many questions do the tags need before Generalist badges are given out?

According to the list of badges there is a per-site requirement that each of the top 40 tags needs 200 questions, before Generalist badges are given out. According to this comment on CodeReview.SE's ...
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Why were many users suddenly awarded the Generalist badge?

Lots of users were just awarded the Generalist badge 30 minutes ago. What changed?
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Reduce or remove the 200 questions restriction on Generalist Badge

Alternately titled: Stack Overflow isn't the only site with Generalists! The Generalist Badge's requirement that all qualifying tags need 200 questions means that, in practice, the badge is impossible ...
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Generalist Badge Formula [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does the generalist badge require 15 score total, or 15 score per tag? There are a few other questions similar to this, but they are either outdated or not quite the question ...
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What defines a "Top Tag"?

For the Generalist badge, the requirements are: Provided non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags What defines what these 40 top tags are? I assume it is just the tags listed under ...
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Do I have to get 15 score for a single answer per tag to get the generalist badge?

I read some similar questions, and the comments in them: Does the generalist badge require 15 score total, or 15 score per tag? Better definition of Generalist badge Do I have to get a single answer ...
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Does "score" refer to rep points or votes? (i.e. Generalist Badge)

Re: generalist badge. When it says "score" is that referring to the rep points earned within that tag... or the total number of votes earned within that tag. My guess is votes. And if so... is ...
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Some SE sites say Generalist badge can be earned multiple times

Some SE sites say that the Generalist badge can be earned multiple times: (beta) (beta) ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Does the generalist badge require 15 score total, or 15 score per tag?

The description says, we can earn it by: Provided non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags Does it mean a 15 score in each of the tags, or in cumulation? Say 10 in c# and 5 in ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Should there be a "generalist" badge on Stack Exchange itself?

A person that is a programmer, a cook, a physicist and a whatever participant on Stack Exchange and has sufficient reputation points sounds much more like a generalist than one knowing different ...
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Generalist badge wording isn't clear

The generalist badge (which, apparently, is now awarded, contrary to what other questions here on meta suggested) has a very unclear description: "Provided non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of ...
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Will the generalist badge be implemented in Meta?

It doesn't look like anyone has received the Generalist badge on Meta. Will this be implemented here at some date?
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4 answers

Does the generalist badge consider retagged questions?

Does the generalist badge algorithm consider the current set of tags for any question I've answered and received at least 15 score on, even if I retag the question? If so, does that mean that I could ...
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200 votes is maybe too high a cut-off for tags [duplicate]

Kudos to the 6 people on SU and 8 people on SF for getting the Generalist badge: that's a real achievement. Meanwhile, here on MSO, no-one has generalist. The reason is that only 22 tags have at ...
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Generalist biased towards Microsoft technology?

Stack Overflow has always had a bit of a Microsoft bend, owing to the fact that the seed audiences came from Coding Horror and Joel on Software. Still, it's always been a place where you could fully ...
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The generalist badge should be gold

I think that the Generalist badge (Provide non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags) is too difficult to get, compared to other silver badges; it should be gold instead. Edit: it's ...
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I thought the generalist badge was supposed to be about users labouring away in obscurity

Going through my 297 tags, from most participated in until I hit one in the top 40: latex x81 tex x18 pdf x11 logic x8 algorithm x8 html x7 (13th most popular tag) Then, in the rest of my top 50 ...
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When am I going to get the generalist badge?

Can anybody muster up a query on Data Explorer that will show me my progress towards the Generalist badge?
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Measure user diversity

I was wondering what the diversity of knowledge of SO users would be like. It seems like an interesting research idea to see how many people have responded only to questions in a very narrow field, ...
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3 answers

Better definition of Generalist badge

Perhaps all I want is to have a "Not yet implemented" indicator on the Generalist badge description, if How many tags needed to earn the Generalist badge? is to be believed. But actually, I'd rather ...
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5 answers

Badge suggestion: Polymath (gold version of Generalist)

Going along with my suggested implementation for Generalist, since the specialist badges have a gold level, I propose that the Generalist badge should too, called Polymath and, under an awarding ...
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How many tags needed to earn the Generalist badge?

Neither at nor at nobody has ever earned the Generalist badge. How many different tags do I have to be active in to earn the Generalist badge?
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