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Does Stack Exchange collect immutable data?

I want to use Stack Exchange but I am unsure what data is collected. The data I am most worried about is data that cannot change, like my race, device id's, or legal identity. Does SE collect data ...
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Display "Welcome back! If you found this question useful" message only to certain users who don't vote?

I vote very often on questions and answers, yet I still see this message extremely frequently. Is there any option to either Turn it off permanently, or Perhaps have it displayed more intelligently (...
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What if my post does not get answers? [duplicate]

What to do in that case? As far as I know, there is no way to request a particular member to answer my question. I put this up nearly a day and a half ago Wedge constraint relations No one ...
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Can a GDPR request take up to a month to process?

Out of curiosity, I've submitted a GDPR request just now. (I live in the Netherlands, so the GDPR applies to me) The fact that I've had to confirm my request through my attached email is excellent, ...
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Is information kept by Stack Exchange after profile edit?

If you edit your profile on a Stack Exchange site, does Stack Exchange keep records of your old profile data?
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How should I request an embargo on access of my personal data by moderators?

I would like to request an embargo on access of my personal information collected by Stack Exchange. This embargo should relate to newly elected moderators of the Academia Stack Exchange site. As far ...
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How do I change country in user profile on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I registered on Stack Overflow when I was in USA, but now I am in Pakistan. Is there a way to change the country so it is shown correctly? Also I want to find my ranking among Pakistani users as well....
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Is there a way to know which user was removed?

Recently I lost some reputation when a user was removed: Out of curiosity, is there any way to know which user was removed?
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Users with default picture and grayed out name [duplicate]

There are some users who have a certain preset icon, and you can't access their profiles. For example the user that asked this question: Using a transistor with AC?. Why does this happen? Are they ...
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App crash when navigating to user page

When I attempt to load a question after disabling my Internet connection, I receive an alert that says that it couldn't load the question. So far, so good. When I try and load my user profile page ...
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No user information - what happens? [duplicate]

I just realized that there are questions and answers that are from "invisible users". I mean, I cannot find user information about them. There is no link to their page. See this question and the best ...
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Top users who are teenagers or underage

I am 21 years old. I have always been fascinated when I see teens or young users on Stack Overflow, who are younger than me but in reputations wise, ah!!! I can't compare with mine. They are at that ...
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What information does Stack Overflow collect when signing in with OpenID?

What exact information does Stack Overflow collect when signing in with OpenID?
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When you're searching users, what are the tags that show under the user's reputation? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How are the tags below my user name determined When you're searching users, what are the tags that show under the user's reputation? I've noticed some users have nothing in ...
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Add stats to "less info" on users profile page

I like the "less info" option on the users profile page. But I'm missing the stats (flag weight, profile views) region. All other regions (bio, visits) are present. Would it be possible to include ...
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Should there be a link to fill in user info in the About Me box?

By default, the About Me box is just a gray rectangle with nothing inside. I've been using Stack Overflow for 6 months and always assumed it was an ad that was blocked by AdBlock. Today I learned that ...
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Information about Stack Exchange

I am interested in some information about Stack Exchange, like How can I find the question with the maximum number of answers? How can I list all moderators of Stack Overflow? How to list users that ...
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Why does Stack Overflow ask for birthday in format YYYY/MM/DD?

Stack Overflow asks for your birthday in the format YYYY/MM/DD. Well that's kinda geeky! Only technologists format dates with the year first - I use it because it makes them sortable when in text. ...
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Indicate near the user info when the answerer has a tag-specific badge for the topic being answered

It might be a useful addition if, when a user with a tag badge answers a question tagged with their tag badge, that that information be displayed visually near their badge. ie, when Jon Skeet ...
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Horrible experience on Stack powered sites today. What's wrong with this picture?

So, I went over to to ask this question: A little while goes by ...
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Why are there "answered by" usernames on answers?

This is a curiosity inquiry, given that there has been a lot of debate recently about how "SO is about questions and answers, not about users" and people should/shouldn't vote based on a user's ...
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My icon show 75% with just one question asked

The question says it all... I see it says 75% for me here, why. I only have one question and I selected an answer.
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Is it possible to change your username? [duplicate]

I created a Stack Overflow account using my Gmail account. I would now like to change the username. Is this possible? If so, how?
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