Old, discontinued service for community-generated blogs tied to specific Stack Exchange sites.

As of March 1st, 2017, Blog Overflow is officially deprecated.

Blog Overflow was the network of blogs spear-headed and written by members of the community.

Not every site in the Stack Exchange network got a blog, it took the efforts of many to rally around their subject matter to produce great, regular content.

In December 2014, Stack Exchange announced that no new community blogs would be created, due to a lack of activity on existing blogs and because they weren't properly tied to sites and promoted adequately. Existing blogs could still publish content, however.

In March 2017, the service was officially discontinued. Two sites opted to delete their blogs, while three moved their blogs to external, community-run sites; the vast majority opted to keep their existing blog posts up, but they are archived on static pages rather than on a blog engine, and cannot be edited neither can new posts be added.


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