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Are these new accounts simply touting for business? [duplicate]

This is one of the newly opened accounts: There are at least two others from different locations. They represent a U.S. law firm and ...
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How to deal with spam user posting ad in their profile page [duplicate]

At our Stack Exchange site we have some users created recently that have no activity, simply a name and profile which contains an add for some car insurance quotes. How can we deal with users like ...
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Are there processes to deal with spam users that post no content? [duplicate]

I had a look at badges today, and in the list of recent badges I saw a display name that struck me as odd and spammy, that just got rewarded the Autobiographer badge. I then took a look at users that ...
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Spam (tobacco related) multiple accounts [duplicate]

Looks like all of accounts are spam. E.g. multiple users found on ruSO:
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Should I flag spam accounts even if they didn't post any content yet? [duplicate]

Every day I see many of such accounts being created. They rarely post spam (probably because they get blocked by the system) and if they do post spam content they are sometimes nuked by mods. I am not ...
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The Many Memes of Meta

Catchphrases and concepts that spread from person to person are known as memes, which, courtesy the Internet, can now explode across the Earth like a highly contagious virus (hence "going viral&...
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A machine can flag spam automatically. Can it do better?

Since this has been posted, we've done a few things: We now cast four flags on posts that pass an accuracy threshold (current 99.9% historical confidence) SmokeDetector now casts the first ...
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We are updating our Code of Conduct and we would like your feedback

Update, May 31st, 2023: The updated code of conduct has been released network-wide. A good Code of Conduct is a handshake agreement between users and the company. It is a document that inspires trust ...
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Could we have a minimum reputation for visible profiles?

After a couple of years - most of the profiles that were getting my goat have been herded away from the sites I moderate. There's probably many more left and I'm looking at thwarting them in many ...
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Is spam in the "about me" field a reason to worry? [duplicate]

There are many inactive user profiles on SO that were clearly registered by spammers. The spam posts (if there were any) are already removed but the profiles remain. Some of them put their spam text ...
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What is the policy on destroying users with very spammy profiles but have not posted spam yet?

A little bit of background first: Over on Puzzling.SE, we've been nuking users that look very spammy, before they've had a chance to post anything. It began with posts like this, which advertised ...
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Is it allowed to have non-English text in the "About" section of the user profile page?

Are profile pages (about section) required to be written in English? For example, this Stack Overflow profile that I found is entirely in Italian. Stack Overflow is an English-only site, and that ...
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Delete old, unloved, users

I've been putting some thought into Is spam in the "about me" field a reason to worry?, and particularly the statement at the top of the accepted answer: The trick is finding these spam ...
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If SE won't allow heuristics to identify AI, how does it plan on stopping spam-profile accounts boosted by AI posts?

I've now seen more than 2,000 posts that I suspect are AI on Stack Overflow alone. I've flagged over 1,200 of these. The remainder were already handled, handled under one of the other flags, or in ...
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Is sock puppetry really that hard to handle?

I, like many other new users, struggle to get enough reputation do contribute in a way that fits us, like upvoting and providing helpful comments (one example here). One argument for the limits is ...
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