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A request to reopen a specific closed question here on this site, or receive further explanation of why it was closed. If it's on another site, ask it on the per-site meta instead. For questions about the reopen process itself, use the [vote-to-reopen] tag.

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Should this question, which reports a bug that has the same root cause as another bug but manifests in a different place, be closed as a duplicate?

This bug report, which reports that clicking the "Share" button before the page fully loads, causes the page to refresh because the button is a link is to a redirect to the same page, which ...
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Is this duplicate closure, of a question asking to discuss the content of an answer, correct?

I just asked What can I do if I have a feature idea that was already requested, but the author removed the suggestion in the meantime? here a few hours ago. That is a discussion regarding how to ...
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How can I improve my question asking about when an answer to an announcement marked as planned will be implemented, and have it reopened? [duplicate]

Yesterday, I asked the question Will the pluralization issue in number of bookmarks on list of bountied questions in user profile page be fixed at some point?, which in its original revision reported ...
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5 votes
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How to clarify a question closed as site specific

My question How to handle an unnecessarily complex question was closed as site specific. I didn't intend it as such, as any Stack Exchange site can have the kind of overly complex question the meta ...
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Improving my question about the Teachers' Lounge so it can be reopened

I am trying to improve my Meta Stack Exchange question Rename the Teachers' Lounge in order to get it reopened. It was closed in October 2019 for the reason "This question does not appear to be ...
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Why is my question still unclear after lots of edits according to suggestions? [closed]

My question is marked as unclear for 2-3 days. I've edited it a lot and made more specific, answerable. But it's still marked unclear.
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2 answers

Send 'on hold' question to Reopen queue when OP edits it the first time

From What if I disagree with the closure of a question? How can I reopen it? Closed questions that receive edits within the first 5 days of closure are automatically put into a review queue to be ...
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Location of re-open questions

A question of mine on Stack Exchange's Writing Beta forum was put on hold, as someone marked it as a request for critique. Now, it kinda was, but I thought it was okay since a previous question of ...
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Requiring 5 reopen votes is too many, 3 would be more appropriate [closed]

I've seen at least 2 questions that were closed as too broad but were specific and answerable within their subdomain. And in both cases, they've failed to reopen appropriately. One of the examples is ...
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Is there any difference between "Leave Open" and "Skip" in Close Votes Reviews? [duplicate]

I often review Close Votes in my favorite SE site ever since I got the close vote privilege and I have seen both Leave Open and Skip in the queues. What is the difference between both. From my ...
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1 vote
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Reposting deleted questions

I asked a question, and it got deleted. I do not have enough reputation points to vote to reopen. What can I do if I still want the answer to the question? I can't even edit the question to try to ...
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4 votes
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Question closed as off-topic after following suggestion in Meta

Recently I had an algorithmic question regarding a programming puzzle. Unsure where to ask it, I searched Meta and found this post: Where should I post questions about algorithms: Stack Overflow or ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it okay to repost a reformulated question that is closed (or on hold)?

If you Formulate a question vaguely It gets closed / put on hold for this You take the comments to heart and reformulate it It no longer gets attention but you have not enough reputation to trigger ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Should custom close-voting comments be flagged as obsolete if the question is reopened?

The question What's the purpose of “This page is intentionally left blank” we see in books? was initially closed as off-topic, and there was a comment explaining why. This comment got many upvotes. ...
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How to request the reopening of a question unilaterally closed by a moderator? [closed]

Sorry if this duplicates. I refer to this (which was automatically deleted). On Apr 17 at 8:41, a moderator closed it unilaterally 'as unclear what you're asking'. On Apr 17 at 14:30, I then ...
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2 votes
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Doubts about Duplicates

I am considering a hypothetical situation where the same question, when duplicated across a considerable time gap, will have a totally different answer. For example in Linux, certain features are ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Can flags be used for "good" things?

I know flags are usually to bring bad things to a moderator attention, but can they be used to bring a good thing to a moderator's attention? For example, I came across a very helpful question: What &...
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1 answer

"leave a comment" link on closed questions is broken

At the bottom of every closed question, there's text that says: The words "leave a comment" are styled as a link but do not link to anything. The link should have the same effect as clicking the ...
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Closed as (null) by (null)

In the iOS app, questions that have been reopened still show as closed. Clicking the footer shows:
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Why can I vote to reopen a deleted question? [duplicate]

I've just voted to reopen this question even though it has been deleted. Screenshot (there were 2 reopen votes already, mine is the third one): Is this a bug?
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2 answers

How to get a Question OFF hold? [closed]

There is one question which got on hold, where the reason is not really plausible for me and it would be a good discussion and I would like to answer it but I can't find a button to ask for "off hold" ...
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3 answers

Why is my question still on hold despite of being narrowed down and added explanation?

I asked a question several days ago, and soon after being posted it was set to "on hold". The reason being that it was too general. I tried explaining more and the question itself got edited as well, ...
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1 answer

Could close get requests removed if user making request does not read subsequent edits? [duplicate]

I have a very important question that could use a helpful answer. It was put on hold (I see and agree with the reasoning for the hold), but have long since fixed the issues and complaints raised with ...
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1 answer

My question remains on-hold despite being edited - how can I contact those who voted to close? [duplicate]

My question on SO was put on hold seemingly less than 1 hour after being first published. Less than 1 hour after that I updated to address one of two complaints (2nd was never applicable) yet am still ...
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1 answer

Question Appeal [closed] I don't think this question is about opinions but It was closed ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

Appealing to reopen a question: programmatically convert lat/long to timezone

The following question has been closed by George Stocker: Timezone lookup from latitude longitude ...on the grounds that it's off topic, but I don't see how it's off topic. It's a question about ...
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-7 votes
2 answers

Automatic flagging of question for potential reopening if an answer reaches certain score

I have noticed that some closed questions have an answer that has quite a high score. A high answer score means that (many) people: have searched for and visited the question (high visit count) ...
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2 answers

Appeal to reopen a closed question about Nanigans API

I'm about to appeal to reopen a question This question is: a specific programming problem practical, answerable problems that are unique to the programming profession I see the question as pretty ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Request to reopen SO question on JavaScript error detection [closed]

Here is the question: How can I check JavaScript code for syntax errors ONLY from the command line? Several days ago I cast a reopen vote. I've edited the question to the best of my ability so that ...
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5 votes
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Help in reopening a question marked as a duplicate?

The following question was recently marked as a duplicate. However the comments associated with the question clearly point out why this question is not identical to what it is marked as. GCC ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Let reviewers know when reopen queue entries have been edited multiple times since closure

This reopen queue entry prompted this request. When you view the revision tab, you see what is effectively a no-op edit. This is because the question was edited two times post-closure, the first ...
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1 answer

My question was incorrectly marked as duplicate [duplicate]

I was told by the support team that I should post a support question here if I "feel" my question was incorrectly marked as duplicate. Here's the question: Assigning a non-const quoted string to a ...
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29 votes
2 answers

How to answer a question in a declined flag?

I voted for this question to be reopened because the duplicate does not help in answering the question. I also flagged for moderator attention with the following comment: This is closed as a ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Please reopen question so that I can move the answer from the question body [closed]

What is the memory overhead of opening a file on Windows? A few users deemed it "too broad". Since I have measured the answer myself, I would like to add the answer (already provided in the question ...
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2 answers

My question got down-voted and I want to know how I can re-open it [closed]

Here is the question : Is ASCII code 7-bit or 8-bit? It asks whether ASCII is 7-bit or 8-bit. Yes, it details how a teacher got me thinking about it but it is not a homework question. And as the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Should I post my try if it is useless?

I have this question, when I asked it it was closed by the reason of : Questions asking for code must demonstrate a minimal understanding of the problem being solved. Include attempted solutions, ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Flag for fixed questions

After reading the information about flagging posts: It seems that it is always used in a negative sense. Recently I wrote a question that was ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Why is the CodeRush Xpress for Visual Studio 2012 question considered "Not a real question"? [closed]

The following question was closed as "not a real question": CodeRush Xpress for Visual Studio 2012. Can someone please explain why? I think the question is extremely clear. It has a single, solid, ...
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Request for reopening a question on Stack Overflow (cutting sticks) [closed]

this question has been closed, and it seems several users disagree with that decision. Could someone examine the question and possibly reopen it?
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4 votes
2 answers

How long does it take for questions to be taken off hold?

It's been a couple days since my StackOverflow question was put on hold, and since then I have made changes that I think would qualify to have it taken "off hold." When do you think higher people will ...
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2 answers

Should this question about the differences between two technologies really have been closed? [closed]

A recent question on stackoverflow was put on hold by a moderator because it appears to violate one of the rules, quote: "too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long". Since I know ...
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4 answers

A moderator put my self-answered question on hold and did not return to review it after it was edited

A moderator put my self-answered question on hold and did not seemed to return to review it even though after I've edited my question. How to tell if the moderator had returned to reviewed it, ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Why was my question about Java Array.length closed?

I asked this question: Why do I only need to loop 23 times to draw 24 rectangles? Others asked for a test case. I made and provided it. I read the rules of SO and I believe that my question follows ...
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5 votes
1 answer

question closed due to opinion

I posed a question which was closed as it was deemed that answers would be mostly opinion based. I think it is true that I will get mostly opinions, but I really want to hear what people have to say. ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Why isn't my question reopened?

From the help center: Questions that are edited within five days of being put on hold are automatically added to a reopening queue for community review. Questions that are not reopened within five ...
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10 votes
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Request for on-hold question to be re-opened

This question was put on hold as being unclear what was being asked — I edited the question for clarity & flagged it for moderation attention (I don't have reopen vote privileges), but it's ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Help understanding why my question was closed [closed]

I asked I had asked poorly, without trying anything, hence it was put on hold. But, on ...
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-8 votes
2 answers

Why are these question put on hold?

the other day I asked why was my question put on hold and someone end up putting my question on hold. now I have two questions on hold and I am asking the 3rd. how does one remove the hold, I have ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why has my question (on stacks in C) been marked as off topic on stackoverflow? [closed]

My question on stackoverflow was first marked as 'unclear'. I edited the question and raised a flag. After a few days, it was reopened and in a few hours it has been flagged as off-topic with the ...
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At what point are programming questions related to hardware off-topic?

I imagine that question only distantly related to programing are off-topic such as 'What is the best laptop for programming'. However my question
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