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Scroll bar in one line code block the code [duplicate]

Something is so annoying when a code snippet contains only one line of code, the scroll bar hides the code. It would be good if the scroll bar have a specific area for it in the snippet box. See the ...
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Infinite auto-login loop when using child sites

I appear to be having issues when visiting child sites from my Network Profile. When I go to the child site (seen so far on SO and SU) I appear to not be logged in: After clicking "log in", it takes ...
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auto login doesn't work in Safari on Mac [duplicate]

Auto login is not working in Safari browser(Version 8.0.3 (10600.3.18)) on OS X (Yosemite 10.10.2) ie., it doesn't detect and show 'Welcome back, < user >. You've been logged in. Click here to ...
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The most recent email notification doesn't show correctly OS X Mail (with threads turned on)

The problem occurs when you are using Mail - OS X, and you have email threads turned on. For some reason the first email is always shown as empty... until I actually double click on the email and open ...
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# sign appended to SO question links in Chrome

I'm on StackOverflow and when I click on a question to view the page pulls up but with a # at the end of the link in the address bar. So I am scrolled to the "Post Your Answer" textfield instead of ...
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Massive misuse of 'webview' tag [closed]

The description of webview says A NSView subclass that displays web pages under MacOS. For Android, please look at the android-webview tag. For iOS, look under uiwebview. However, I noticed that ...
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Any advice to better optimize scrolling code?

At Why are my sparks not animating?, I have what looks on Mountain Lion like a non-scrolling area of code (without scrollbars until one hovers/scrolls): there are two JavaScript functions included, ...
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Escape does not clear notifications on Google Chrome and OS X

Situation: Out of nowhere in chat: @enderland - you are the most awesome person ever Results: Hooray! I'm awesome. I have a little notification above my gravatar! Wooooo! Problem: The Must.Make.All....
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Scroll bar overflows text on Mac Chrome

In Chrome for Mac OSX the scroll bar overflows the last line of text. Screenshot: Mac OSX 10.7.5, Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64. In Safari it works great!
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Clicking "Save Edits" shows "Are you sure you want to leave page" on Safari under OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Stack Overflow is asking if I want to leave the page when saving my edits Find a post you made. Click the "Edit" link. Post enters edit mode (correct) Make a change to the ...
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Growl notifications for new StackOverflow questions

I'd like to get Growl notifications of new questions on Stack in my favourite tags? Is there something for this out there already? If not, are there any good suggestion what to use for API to get ...
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Stack Overflow editor shortcut "overrides" the Safari shortcut [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: On Mac browsers, Command-L should select the address bar I often use CMD + H for hiding Safari (or any other application on the Mac). However, while I am editing a post in ...
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Make Stack Exchange sites compatible to OS X Lion full screen mode

Introduction Mac OS X Lion has a full screen feature that allows use of a single application window in full screen, i.e. without window title bar and constantly visible menu bar, on its own virtual ...
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Copy-Paste from the keyboard in chat in Firefox OS X

Using Firefox 7.0.1 on a Mac (OS 10.6.8) the following behaviour is reproducible: Select some text in chat. Type command-C to copy it this causes a 'c' to appear in the chat input area Type ...
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Copy-and-paste in Firefox 5.0 on OS X

This may be an issue with my browser and operating system rather than an issue with Stack Overflow, but for some reason I can't use Command-C or Command-V for copy-and-paste operations when I compose ...
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New chat messages always scroll up and down bug [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Chat scrolls to the top and then back every time I post a message Every time there's a chat message, instead of getting just a scroll down the screen scrolls up as well. So it ...
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Intermittent editing issue in Safari on Mac OS X?

I'm using Safari 5.0.3 on Mac OS X v. 10.6.6. When I try to edit a chat post in English.SE to fix a typo, selecting text and hitting the backspace key (for delete) often for some strange reason will ...
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How to delete one line with the SO editor?

I'm using Mac, and the good thing about it is that the emacs key is mapped so that I can use 'Ctrl-A' for going first column line, and 'Ctrl-E' for last and on. The thing is that for 'Ctrl-K', it ...
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What is the policy on discussing OSx86 or Hackintoshes?

What is (or what should be) the policy on discussing the OSx86 project or the Hackintosh? For those not familiar, OSx86 is the movement on the Internet (complete with its own Wiki, etc.) on getting ...
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How can I create a Stack Exchange Fluid app?

I created a Fluid app for Stack Overflow, but I can't sign in. The problem is that I type my OpenID identity URL (from and get sent there. Then I type my password and click "sign in," ...
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